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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Orkut Softwares....

ORKUT CUTE (Scrap All Your Friends At Once)

Orkut cute a software by which you can browse orkut.
This is an awesome software with which you can do many tricks like:

1. Send a same scrap to all your friends (Best thing is along with hyperlink!!! Yes, This software can bypass the word check!!!)
2. Start a same topic in all your communities.

3.Get Notifications Like "New Profile View", "New Scrap"

Orkut Scrapboy

Scrapboy enables you to send and receive instant scraps from your friends without a web browser. It gives you more Convenience and speed while scrapping.

Scrapboy is generally known as Orkut Messenger. You can send your scraps instantly, just like chatting

Orkut's Toolbar

Friends I Call This as 'Orkut Official Toolbar' (Not actually official). This makes navigation in orkut easier by providing user friendly buttons in the menus.

This also provides additional Pop up blocker, Email alerting, Search box and a Radio.

Download Orkut Toolbar Below


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